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    Tutorial: Creating & Editing profiles in AWK


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    Tutorial: Creating & Editing profiles in AWK Empty Tutorial: Creating & Editing profiles in AWK

    Post by Admin on Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:52 am

    Tutorial: Creating & Editing profiles in AWK P

    Look this video first:


    CNAV Profiles location:
    New way: for autocreated: /AWK/Profiles/Recent
    To create chain profiles: /AWK/Profiles/X (X = profiles name)

    Edit the /AIx.lua -file (x = number 1-7)

    Older way: /AWK/CNAVMESH/AIx.lua (x = number 1-7)

    Creating profiles by moving character

    Open first file "AI1" and it looks like this "GoTo(453.25738525391, -3191.1311035156, 81.955635070801)"

    You can open and edit these while AWK is grinding, it will just read the file again and change position.

    If you want to save just copy the CNAVMESH folder into .rar and rename as your profile.

    Older versions:
    Whenever you press "Set Center CNAV" button it creates 7 spots around you, these can be edited or saved.
    Whenever you push HotSpot button, you replace random file from CNAVMESH with your spot.

    How to edit profile

    There is two ways, either you set hotspots OR
    You can copy positions from old or another profiles into the CNAVMESH,
    just pick randomly spots into different AI files and AWK will do the rest.

    So, for example copy from left files the coordinates -5432, 234, 54   and put it into GoTo(-5432, 234, 54)  and save the AI file

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