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    PATCH NOTES (9 AUG 2020)


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    PATCH NOTES (9 AUG 2020) Empty PATCH NOTES (9 AUG 2020)

    Post by Admin Sat Jan 18, 2020 2:07 pm

    PATCH NOTES (9 AUG 2020) Awkcoo14

    09 AUG
    [*]Updated folder at downloads
    [*]Improved combat system for all classes (especially hunter!)

    08 AUG
    [*]Added advanced CONFIG button
    [*]Automatic melee range picker

    11 APR

    14 MAR
    [*]AWK PVP: Efficiency optimization

    13 MAR
    [*]AWK AV -> Is now referred as AWK PVP:
    [*]All melee classes (Warrior especially) combat has tweaked to be more advanced
    [*]Option to choose between doing middle objectives (first) or going for the last objective has been added to settings.
    [*]WSG: Improved Artificial Intelligence (state machine) to do objectives and fighting

    [*]AWK PVP & AWK PVE:
    [*]Relogger implemented in -beta version

    11 MAR

    • AWK AV:
    • Combat system is tweaked differently for every class
    • Objective logic is improving a lot, by tracking amount of friendly players around

    • AWK PVE:
    • Profile chaining & Creation

    2 MAR:

    • Mounting system updated, combat system is more class specific.
      17 hours of AWK AV currently:
      PATCH NOTES (9 AUG 2020) 17hour10

    28 FEB: AWK AV:

    • Improved AWK combat logic & interface
      PATCH NOTES (9 AUG 2020) Ranged10

    • Fixed DMWC-Classic so movement works again (Download latest

    27 FEB: AWK AV:

    • WSG mode has now more objectives

    25 FEB: AWK AV:

    • More advanced unstuck system
    • WSG mode is now fully functional

    23 FEB: AWK AV:

    • Humanlike behaviour done

    21 FEB: AWK AV:

    PATCH NOTES (9 AUG 2020) Wsg10

    • New mode: WSG
    • Huge improvements to the combat system
    • Fixed small bugs
    • Improved anti-stuck method
    • Added more humanlike behaviour

    20 FEB:

    18 FEB: AWK AV better combat system, mounting and moving

    Progress Updates:  


    1-100% Progress
    AWK Revamp: Vendoring, Repairing, AutoTalenting, MuleMailing, AutoSkilling, AutoEquipmentUpgradeing65%
    New website99%
    Bots Tracker App50%
    Bag cleaner0%
    Red = High Prority


    (this might increase efficiency when waypoints are really well made! even get a level in 2 hrs at 35-45!)

    • recording waypoints
    • vendoring, unstucking


    • At critical point of level for certain class,
      the bot goes to trainer and
      trains most important skills
      for its rotation and survival.


    • BOE's and other good stuff to the mule
    • and mule your gold with the help of guild bank or mailbox when over > gold amount


    • Set up character names that are used to make a guild

    -> Detects your in a group and in what instance you want to go (even raids)
    -> Sets up the characters and bots, and their movements to be perfect for raids and their actions too (when to pop GFPP potion for example at Ragnaros)
    -> Your all characters must have seperate AWK license, so raiding might be too costly
    ->  Dungeoning with 3 or 5 man AWK bots, gets you offer to the price (not decided yet)
    -> Bot: heal, tank, dps, and flee in hard situations
    -> Restarts instance if instancelooping mode is on

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